Shifting Perceptions: Part 1 – Glow

Shifting Perceptions is a 3 part series featuring creatives.

These aren’t only people I admire, love and call friends, but they’re trans activists…

Initially, I wanted to publish these mini-stories during Transgender Awareness Week, which was from 13 – 20 November.

It raises the visibility of transgender and gender non-conforming people and also addresses issues that the community is facing. With tweets popping up here and there, it just wasn’t enough.

‘Do you cav‘ the vision?’ – Jo’burg Proverb

I thought to myself about the issues within our black millennial LGBTIQ+ community from the South African context. We’ve been labeled with a certain complex and we need to clear up some things. But that’s an issue we need to dissect later on.

I got the opportunity to connect with one of my faves, Glow, and speak to her on certain issues within society, her top 3 music tunes (because why not?) and thing’s she’s working on.

Glow is fast becoming the voice of reason within the creative industry, using her identity to shift perceptions and make a social impact on media platforms through her YouTube channel.

1. What’s a typical day like in the life of Glow?

Well, i recently left my job and ever since then, no day is ever typical. It’s on either end of extremes, with some functionality of cause…

2. Top 3 songs that describe you?

1 – For god so loved us / Selaelo Selota.
2 –  Loveeeeee song ft Future / Rihanna.
3 – Jamie xx / the rest is noise. 

3. What’s your view on the current LGBTIQ+ community in South Africa?

Which community? I don’t feel the sense of community, to be honest, it feels a lot of times like its all very individualistic. I guess we have a long way to go in terms of ACTUALLY being a community of support for each other and fighting for justice? However, generally, I think we’ve made strides – there’s representation on TV now consistently, and that matters in terms of progress and where we come from.

4. You’ve spoken out about your transition before, is there any advice you would give to someone who is going through their own transition?

Disassociate yourself from the comparison, it’ll kill you inside and make you hate yourself, you already got the world doing that – don’t do that to yourself, too.

Acquaint yourself with those parts of yourself you hate, get to know them, hear them out – they’re worth the same love you so easily give to the parts of your body the world tells you are desirable.

Celebrate that body and all of its’ functions and understand you are far more than it or what it can do. You’re magic- know this and remind yourself of it every day I guess. 

5. The importance of education around Transgender issues needs to be prioritised, even though we have inclusive laws, do you think there are enough programs in SA that aim to do that?

I think there are programs, I just don’t know if there’s enough or if they do enough or if they even have enough budget. That’s where the ‘enough’ gets catchy, I just don’t know which one exactly is missing.

Look, I quite enjoy my conversations and the times I’ve got to interact and hang around Glow. We’re big supporters of each others’ craft, vision and aims in life. We’re aiming for the stars.

Follow Glow here:

Instagram: @glowmamiii

Twitter: @dreamthatglow

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